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Joseffa recycles used shirts. We wash them, sort them, cut them and sew them, and propose them as fresh, subtle and sparkling “new” lounge- and nightwear for ladies!

Each piece produced by Joseffa is an original combination of creatively assembled fabrics and details. We propose casual and comfortable tops, shorts, and classy pyjamas.

In order to constantly supply our workshop with beautiful shirts, we collect shirts that are ragged around their collar and their cuffs. Large surfaces of the fine cottons the shirts are made from are still in perfect shape. That's our "raw" material that grows in very wardrobe. At Joseffa's, we are happy to collect and transform the shirts you don't wear anymore. You can find our temporary shirt collector at Joseffa's stand at FaKtory Infini. Thank you for bringing them with you!

Each shirt is carefully washed. We choose rainwater if the rainfall permits. Since we are based in “sunny” Belgium, that is usually not a problem. Once washed, the shirt is handstripped and cut into new panels. Finally, we re-assemble it and make a new and unique piece of soft and comfortable nightwear.

Textile waste has increased dramatically over the last years, now filling large amounts of landfill or being incinerated and thus causing uselessly high CO2 emissions. Joseffa is proud to contribute reducing textile waste, while committing to a nearly zero carbon footprint concept.

The conventional cotton growing at the origin of most of our shirts uses more insecticides than any other single crop, accounting for more than 10% of total pesticide use and nearly 25% insecticides use worldwide. Unsafe use of agricultural chemicals has severe health impacts on workers in the field and on ecosystems that receive excess doses that run-off from farms. By adding a lifecycle to our shirts, we actively avoid further pollution of agricultural lands.

Growing and processing cotton is also very water consuming. An average of 5000 l of water, that’s how much it takes to produce a new cotton shirt, and that’s how much we can save together by reusing and transforming used men’s shirts into ladies’ nightwear ... one drop at a time!