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Thursday 6 December: VIP Event/Opening Night (invite only)

17:30 Welcome

18:00 VIP Event

  • Opening speech
  • Panel discussion on co-creation, sustainability and mass customization in textile and fashion industry
    • Mr Tom Duhoux – founder HNST, sustainable and radically different jeans brand
    • Mr Cédric Vanhoeck – founder Resortecs and winner H&M Global Change Award
    • Mr Vincent Siau – Managing Director Alsico, circular and sustainable workwear
    • Jean-Patrice Gros – Managing Director, Northern Europe & UK Lectra, MTO/MTM & MC and Cloud Solutions
    • Julie Lietaer, CSO European Spinning Group, upcycled yarn collection ESG Green
    • The panel will be moderated by Mrs Céline De Waele - Senior Manager EY, Climate Change and Sustainability Services
  • Presentation project COSH! - a disruptive tool for easy conscious shopping, Niki de Schryver Founder COSH!

19:30 Walking dinner/networking evening

  • Opening exhibition
  • Pitches by start-ups and regional innovations

23:00 End

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Friday 7 December: B2B Event

  • 09:00 Protopitch 3.0: pitching competition for selected circular fashion and textile start-ups
    (09:00 Mixua - 09:15 Studio AMA - 09:30 Motief Atelier - 09:45 Joseffa - 10:00 Kioko Kids - 10:15 Plumeline - 10:30 B.right - 10:45 Marjan Storme - 11:00 Mr. Manchette - 11:15 Pure by Luce - 11:30 Edmire - 11:45 Ms. Bay)
  • 11:30 Welcome
  • 12:00 Lunch for exhibitors, jury members and partners
  • 12:45 Introduction to afternoon workshops, talks and presentations

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Register here for FaKtory Infini 2019

Inspiration talksInspiration talksRound tablesLectra
— Meeting Room 2
— Auditorium
— Meeting Room 4
— Meeting Room 5
13:00-13:20Clarysse Towel2, the circular towel (Mieke Deprez)Stad Kortrijk: Wat kan Onderneem in Kortrijk voor ondernemers betekenen op vlak van Ruimte, Ondersteuning en Informatie? (Wouter Lecluyse)
13:30-13:50Close the Loop (Jasmien Wynants, Flanders DC & Tom Duhoux, HNST)
14:00-14:20Squid, a new and easy way to dress up your window (Johan Bonner)HR & employer branding: “recruiting and retention in fashion & textiles” (An Vanhauwaert (Effectis) and Michel Loncke (COBOT))Cloud Applications: Quick Estimate & Quick Nest demo How to match supply and demand of material usage to enhance sustainability and efficiency?
14:30-14:50RETEX, collaboration in textile and recycling value chainsSustainability: “Do you have any circular questions? Pick-our brains and let’s brainstorm together” (Niki de Schryver (COSH!) and Jasmien Wynants (Flanders DC))Platform oplossing Lectra PLM 4.0 How to align design and product development processes?
15:00-15:20Alsico, circular workwear (Wouter De Broeck)Entrepreneurship: “business model innovation in start-up and SME” (Johan Bonner (Squid) and Chris Van de Voorde (Juunoo))Made-To-Order: concept en video
15:30-16:00COSH! Conscious Shopping Made Easy (Niki de Schryver)
16:00-16:30Procotex (Fibresort en Valvan baling systems)Enschede Textielstad (Annemieke Koster)Marketing & PR: “How to reach and convince both millennials and silver ones about your sustai-nable brand through Media, PR & Marketing?” (Manon Acke - Two is a crowd and Lotte Philipsen - Knack Weekend and Filip Lemaitre - bureauvijftig)
16:30-17:00The girl and the machine, 3D printed knitwear (Rosanne Van der Meer)
17:00-17:30Resortecs, engineering circular economy in fashion and furniture (Cédric Van Hoeck)
17:30-18:00Anna, the circular sneaker, made from recycled natural materials, designed for disassembly (Julie Lietaer)